Alejandro Escobar

Keep on going

This Tuesday I had my second tutorial with Jonathan, we discussed a lot of things:

We started talking about my process and the possibilities I found on trying avoid rational thinking in order to create my work, I explained the different stages of it and what I was trying to accomplish, he was glad I was trying to create pieces that went beyond narrative.

Then he asked me about maybe thinking about a way to create a different kind of objects, some kind of recipient for my images, I told him that I was already thinking about that thanks to a visit I made to the Picasso Museum in Barcelona, were I saw his pottery pieces.


I was fascinated as I thought that those were proof of his attempt to study 3D images, I also told him that that day I made a connection to another memory I had when I visited the Metropolitan Museum in New York city, it was on October 2012 and I saw a real sarcophagus for the first time, that day I was particularly impressed by  the arrangement of images painted both inside and outside of this magnificent object.


He recommended me to see the work of Justin Mortimer.

Near the end of the tutorial I showed him the exploration I am doing around mirrors and reflections, I explained that everything started with a lunch on an special place in Barcelona were I found a pretty interesting wall, he told me that he had seen the post I made about it and that it was a good example of what one should do on a regular basis.

I showed him a video of the experiment I am doing right now and how I want to approach it in the future. He told me that this was a really interesting idea and encouraged me to keep exploring.

At the end he told me also to take a look on the work of Manfred Mohr.