Alejandro Escobar

1917 – Reality Tunnels

Yesterday I saw 1917 the movie, I’ve been planning to watch it for a very as I saw very interesting reviews about it. I have to say that I was really impressed by the technicalities of it, not so much about the entire plot although I believe it had some good moments.

I am quite attracted to the formal attributes of tunnels and see notice them all the time when physically moving through reality. Some of the tunnels are quite obvious; like when you walk inside a tube station or walk through a narrow street or path. Others are more intriguing; like when you are inside a train wagon moving around the city or you step inside of an elevator. Some are also ambiguous; like when you are walking through the forest and the path opens up and you see a lake surrounded by lots of trees and then you continue walking for a bit and it closes back again and you are now navigating through a narrow path surrounded by nature. Even foggy days do it for me; I feel like I am inside a cave and stuff rushes toward me through the soft walls.

In this post, I would like to illustrate some of the environments visited through the story and how I experienced them, I captured them from a movie trailer so I am not sure if they portray the right sequence of events. In all of these moments.

I felt like I was navigating the story through a tunnel; going from one contained place to another, advancing the story through the narrowness of these situations.

I believe that depicting life as a narrative evolving through tunnels opens up new creative opportunities, perhaps by becoming a hybrid medium, the Meta-image can point the way toward uncharted territories for storytelling.