Alejandro Escobar

Drawing for VR

The Digital Maker Collective was invited to take part on the Mozilla Festival 2016 that was held at Ravensbourne University over the weekend, October 28-30. I suggested to my colleagues from the VR exploration group, that we could explore a different approach to 3D content creation by developing a socially engagin exercise. All members of the group were excited about this idea so we started preparing for the event.

Basically, our plan was to invite attendants to make simple drawings which we then photographed with our phones and then convert them to vector objects using Adobe Illustrator.

Then we will extrude the flat vector objects to create 3D shapes that will be later imported inside of Unity to populate a 3D space that was then compiled as a VR app.

We ran this activity on Friday 28th and managed to get a quite good response from kids and their families. This was also a great opportunity to meet with young VR enthusiasts and to engage in very interesting conversations.

The whole experience was amazing and it really helped us to rethink the way VR contents are traditionally created.

This is a post made by the Digital Maker Collective team documenting the whole Mozilla experience.