Alejandro Escobar

Me, Others and the Space – keeping record

Like many humans, I have the habit of collecting images on my mobile phone to keep a record, however, I also have the habit of sorting and classifying them. Since I decided to work on three different subjects: me, others and space, I have done the same:

When I take this photographs I try to explore the possibilities of the self-portrait in combination with the context, some times I ask my wife to help me and other times I use my camera to have more flexibility.

I don’t ask for permission, I prefer to capture people off guard, I especially like to capture people in the city; inside buses, trains, or the street. I also likeĀ  taking photos of people without getting their faces, their identity.

The space
I do like to take photographs with depth vectors, images that might suggest the use of perspective systems, I do like nature and I also like the messiness of the city.