Alejandro Escobar

Francis Bacon

This are some particularly interesting quotes I found in this video: …”When you go into a butcher’s shop you see the beauty of meat”…” when you think about it, also you can think of the whole horror of life, of one thing living of another”. …”How do I feel”…”How can I make this image more immediately real to my self”. …”people like to get a meaning for everything” …”But it is truth to say that off course, that when you paint anything”…”you are also painting not only the subject but you are painting yourself as well”…”painting is a double…it is a dual performance”. “I want a very order image but I want it to come about by chance”…”one wants a thing to be as factual as possible, and at the same time, as deeply suggestive, or deeply unlocking of areas of sensation other than simple illustration of the object that you set out to do”. “The subject of meat is such a marvellous subject matter”…”If you go into some of these great stores where you just go through this great holes of death, you can see meat and fish and birds and everything else, all lying dead there”. On a recent trip to Barcelona I visited La Boquería market, there I found a huge contrast between different subjects, I couldn’t help to see this place as a “Baconian” place, full of strong scenes with bright colors, I was also attracted by the mix of scenes. A fruit shop with beautiful fruits on display, a butchery with dead animals and a bakery stuffed with delicious pastry and biscuits. FrancisBaconReference-1]]>