Alejandro Escobar

Howard Hodgkin

He is a British abstract painter although he describes himself as an abstract figurative painter, critics thin of him as an abstract poet.

Why his work is interesting to me

I am interested on his work because he tries to represent complex situations using figurative elements in a non explicit way. The titles are an active part of the work of art.

Work of art that I find interesting

Mr and Mrs E.J.P.
1972 – 1973
35 ½ x 48″, 90.5 x 122cm
Oil on wood

1977 – 1980
16 ¾ x 44″, 42.5 x 111.7cm
Oil on wood

1984 – 1992
67 ½ x 72 ⅞”, 171.5 x 185.4cm
Oil on wood