Alejandro Escobar

Light and space

I feel pretty lucky because I was given a great space, however, this does not mean that everything is perfect, my biggest challenge so far has been setting up a proper lighting system for the two components of my piece, on this matter, I have to say that for the first time I feel that light has become a very important asset, I guess that in the past, things were simpler because the process of  lighting walls tends to follow more or less the same formula, but setting up a piece in the middle of the space is quite a different matter. Thanks to Jonathan I also learned that you have to balance elements to get them to work together and you have to be very careful because each new element like a light, a plinth, a shadow could become either part of the piece or worst; a distraction. Thinking back about my previous exhibitions, I concluded that as a painter, my concerns were limited to very specific matters regarding walls and circulation, and this might be an inherent advantage for flat pieces that are supposed to be hanged on a wall, however, my role as a painter/sculptor working in both physical and digital environments brings new challenges and this will change forever the way I present my work not only in a physical space but also in the way I present it through my web page, social media and even for competitions and exhibition proposals.]]>