Alejandro Escobar


Last week I was working on a presentation for SIREN Conference, at the same time I was making the video for the MA`s Symposium, it was a very difficult but interesting week, I even had to work on the train going to and back from Edinburgh.

Thanks to all the reflection I had to do about my practice, I ended up understanding how important images are in my life; I realised that since I was a kid, I used images to express my feelings and thoughts, and this is also the main reason for me to become a painter.

Although this might seem pretty obvious, it has helped me solve a puzzle that I had had for a long time, especially since I started expanding my practice by using digital photographs as part of a final piece.

As a painter, I keep questioning myself about digital images because using them as part of a final piece, feels like going in an opposite direction from painting, I do not consider myself a photographer as I do not want to depict the physical world through a lens, although I feel that, digital images provide unlimited raw material to work on.

Since last year, I realised that I am also a sculptor, but my interest in 3D shapes is directly linked to the image, and at one point, I realised that painting and sculpting are actually part of the process of making a META-IMAGE.

For most of my artistic practice, I have used photographic images as reference for my paintings, however, since last year and thanks to my “Camberwell Roller Coaster” piece; a digital piece out of 12 photographs I made whilst walking through Camberwell College, my interest in them grew and now I feel that I have to keep exploring this path and take the risk of making more digital pieces.