Alejandro Escobar

Collage of museums

I have to admit that my habit of collecting images has led me into a trap, I know I had visited a good amount of museums this year, both in London and in Spain, I have taken images from pieces and the small cards next to them but I am a bit lost about the name of the museum, In this post, I will try to select and reference the origin of this pieces.

Reina Sofia Museum

I felt attracted to this piece as it is a painting over a 3D surface. Tate Britain

I really liked the deformity of the perspective system inside this piece.

To be honest, What attracts me the most about this piece is the way the artist depicts the pool underneath the main orthogonals, I think this creates a magnificent effect. Tate modern

Similar to the one on the Tate Britain, I was pretty intrigued by the perspective system inside this piece. National Gallery

There are many reasons why I like this piece; the anamorphosis, the fixed viewpoint, the three-dimensionality of the painting and the fact that this was made on the late Renaissance.

I was attracted to the use of a mirror to create this illusion of immersion, this has been a recurrent subject in my work, I also saw the same in the “Arnolfini Portrait”.