Alejandro Escobar

My artist statement – 18-07-2016

Today I am creating a new category on my blog, it will feature my artist statements since the beginning of July, I have to clarify that I had at least 6 different statements in the past and I do not pretend to take them into account in this category, my only aim is to help my self to keep in mind that I have to check (and reconstruct) my artist statement from time to time.

My artist statement until today was:

For me, reality is not a fact, it is only the sum of individual fictions that constantly crash and bump into each other. Awareness of Individual existence is nothing more than looking into a set of mind constructions made of fragments from memory, experience, feelings, judgements and imagination. Mindfulness is a key factor on my creative process; it gives me the possibility to use my mind in ways that go beyond conscious and rational thinking. I believe that being aware on how we perceive things is the most truthful way to find clues on how to represent them to others. Through my work I try to reconstruct reality in a way that goes beyond the exactness of visual representation, my goal is to reach the formal qualities of thoughts e.g. flexible, uncertain, abstract and fragmentary. I want the viewer to be engaged in a non-linear reading process that hopefully teases his/her brain in order to start wondering around an open and even ambiguous narrative.