Alejandro Escobar

Exploring the physicality of the image

Today I was thinking that perhaps I explore the physicality of the image in order to make sense of the way I recall things in my mind. Somehow I feel that memories have this 3D information attached to them, so far, I have made quite a good amount of sketches exploring different options:

Man in bench.

Exploring-the-physicality-of-the-image-1 A walk through ambiguity #2 exploring-the-physicality-of-the-image1 A walk through ambiguity #3 exploring-the-physicality-of-the-image3 Others #1 exploring-the-physicality-of-the-image2 Stairs #1 exploring-the-physicality-of-the-image4 Others #2 exploring-the-physicality-of-the-image5 exploring-the-physicality-of-the-image6 Self-portrait#4 Exploring-the-physicality-of-the-image-2

For me, the process of reshaping the image on a three-dimensional shape allows me to connect with it on a physical level. What is more, it allows me to expand and even dislocate the perspective of the photograph.