Alejandro Escobar

Make it look like an accident

It’s been a while since I started reflecting about accidents and how they shape our existence. I am aware that my brain spends lots of energy just to mantain the illusion of an ordered reality and therefor, prevent me from going mad.

Although it is natural for us to stay captivated by this fabricated state of mind, it is fairly easy to unveil parts of the chaotic and unpredictable ways of “real reality”. After all, our brain basically blocks huge chunks of data coming through our senses while keeping attention on thoughts.

Today I was going back on my research, reflecting on the paths I took before developing a particular idea that I am exploring at the moment, as I was drawing a mental map,  it was easy to realize that there were a lot of small accidents that influenced my mind to follow an specific direction; a photograph I took of a particular person that was standing on the train station, a sentence I read on a particular poster while I was going to the Uni. Although it may seem that I am talking about chance, I want to go further by exploring the idea of provoking accidents as a part of active research.


By now I realize that my creative practice is modulated by a higher body that prevents my self from engaging in spontaneous actions that might end up in more interesting and unknown places. On one hand, I know I need a rational structure to support my actions in order to perform well. On the other hand, I have found that in some parts of the process I am able to give up a rational approach by consciously blocking my thoughts and letting my guts lead the way.

For this piece of a landscape, I created a 3D digital model that was meant to be made physical, however I had many difficulties trying to create a big sized 3D representation of it, so I ended up deciding to go for an experimental model sculpting, at the end, I had to adapt and work in a surface that was pretty unique and also different from the original sketch.


In the present, I am still working on this piece, but the accidental approach helped me to gain confidence and I feel that soon I will start to do more work without being so dependent on 3D printing means.


I definitely believe that accidents might help develop ones practice in interesting directions and I feel that those new paths might go really close to one’s true expression.