Alejandro Escobar

Sculpting the image – Digital to Physical

I have to confess that since I started making 3D models, I had this fixed idea about the process needed in order to make them become physical objects.  In my mind, I had this idea of accurate materialization, and that is why I was so exited about using a 3D printer.

However, after five months of trial and error experimentation, I’ve decided to give in my need for accurateness in order to overcome my present restrictions. Now I am willing to start sculpting the canvas for my pieces (I do not know if I should call it canvas anymore).

For my next piece I am using a 180 Image I made while visiting Windsor park, I imported it inside blender and extruded it to make a 3D model.


A few days ago I bought a sheet of blue polystyrene foam and went to the 3D workshop to cut it with a hot knife (I have to say that Gillian, the technician, was really helpful). I am planning to make a landscape piece using several cutouts of  . sculpting-the-image-digital-to-physical4 sculpting-the-image-digital-to-physical3 Before I start to make the model I wanted to test the material so I bought a foam coating and made an experimental piece applying two different coating concentrations. sculpting-the-image-digital-to-physical5 sculpting-the-image-digital-to-physical6 I did go well and now I am preparing my self to start building the sculpture for the landscape.  ]]>