Alejandro Escobar

Laser cutting – a lot of smoke and confusion

Two weeks ago I went to the 3D workshop to cut out the MDF silhouettes of my next experiment, My plan was to build a 3D structure that might allow me to pour liquid polystyrene foam in order to cast a 3D piece.


laser-cutting-a-lot-of-smoke-and-confusion2 laser-cutting-a-lot-of-smoke-and-confusion3

I was a bit disappointed because the edges of the MDF were pretty damaged by de laser and I now I had I lot of charcoal to deal with. I did built the model but then I realissed that this technique was not going to work for me as it might bring more disadvantages than advantages:


– MDF will act as an accurate template for model production because it is built using a digital template.


– Pieces will be heavier. – It would be really difficult to change the piece once the MDF is integrated. – MDF will actually restrict sculpting. – MDF attracts humidity and fungus. So, I guess that`s it for the moment, no MDF or laser cutting for the moment.]]>