VR Symposium - 2017


The VR symposium was a project that I was involved in. On September 2017, MA Arts and Cultural Enterprise (MA ACE) students approached the digital maker collective looking for somebody that could help them develop a Social VR platform to host the very first VR Symposium at CSM, I offered my help and we ended up building a custom-made VR space with custom Avatars that was eventually published using VR Chat, an open source online chat platform. The event was held on the 15th of November gathering around 15 participants using either a VR headset or a pc.

The concept

At the beginning MA ACE students didn't have a specific concept to work with, they were clear on the idea of exploring the use of VR technology as an alternative tool for online education. I suggested to create a king of spatial environment that might stimulate the discussion around the possibilities for VR environments, they agreed. aaa